Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Drugstore Versus High-end Makeup ♡

Lord knows I am a high-end cosmetic junkie at times ; for example I will buy a $20 dollar mascara to make my eyes really stand out and lashes as high the sky. Hell I will even shell out $30 dollars for a nice coverage foundation. However along the years of my experience and experimentation with makeup I've discovered you don't need a $30 foundation when you can get it for $10 because the $10 dollar foundation works just as well. I really want to make a post dedicated to showing that not all drugstore makeup is scary and cheap like people have made it out to be and showing you the 3 main products that I recommend that are drugstore brands for everyday looks ! 

  • First of foundation ; the base that will give you a flawless working canvas for the rest of your makeup.

I have very oily skin so I when I was using foundation I needed something that was going to keep my face matte but with a little dewy look and Revlon 24hour  Colorstay foundation was perfect. It seriously does last long , even after a rowdy night..trust me. You get this beautiful coverage just as you would from MAC's studio fix foundation , it is very build-able without getting cakey ,and does not break out your skin.

  • Secondly we have mascara ; Now I am a huge sell out and admit I will spend more than 20 bucks for an amazing mascara but recently I have found a cheap yet effective alternative.
I am a self-proclaimed mascara junkie and have tried at least 3 or 4 dozen kinds before. I just keep coming back to this one. I love the mascara called Illegal Length Fiber Extensions by Maybelline. To start off I have I have thin average eyelashes and basically any mascara will make them long and thick. However , me being me , I want more and I love dramatic long and thick eyelashes. This mascara helps me achieve that look and I often get compliments and people asking me if am wearing false eyelashes or layers of mascara. So instead of resorting to MAC , Urban Decay etc.. give this mascara a try.

  • Last but not least an eyebrow pencil ;   A nice eyebrow pencil that can fill in my brows is the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil. 

It perfectly define's my brows and stays matte through out the day. I bought this eyebrow pencil because I forgot my makeup bag and I needed to buy  a cheap essential to get me through the weekend. This eyebrow pencil is the perfect shade and it looks natural and is easy to apply. it beats spending $30 dollars on MAC's eyeshadow to fill my brows in.

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Story time

 It's story time 

This is my own experience with a little advice how to go about being yourself and a response to a tumblr question . Sorry if it's not so emotionally dramatic If you have any questions or need advice just ask me at Jeffreyjetson.tumblr.com/ask and i will be glad to help.

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Eyebrow Tutorial

So here is the long awaited eyebrow tutorial that i have been promising,

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Carbon Eyeshadow by Mac

Black Eyebrow Pencil by Bennye